Beautifully Bald: This Girl Shaved Her Hair Off Because She Can

Women have been fighting for the right to be treated equally in society for centuries now. Although there have been some significant victories, they still have to deal with a lot of judging eyes the moment they step out of their bedroom door. From the way they dress to the activities they participate in, society has imposed unfair expectations on how women should behave.

Luckily, there are women who are just too tired of these standards and are unafraid to challenge them.

One day, a girl named Gemma Esteban felt like shaving her head off. And so, she did.

She knew that a lot of people would frown upon this idea and would even try to talk her out of it but instead of letting this stop her, she stood by her decision. For her, there is nothing wrong with going and being bald. Besides, if a bald man can walk down the streets without feeling self conscious, then women should too.

She does not only challenge gender stereotypes, she has also destroyed the conventional way of how people perceive beauty. If being bald makes her feel beautiful, the public should not condemn her for this. In her post, she also stated that people should not question the sexuality of a woman just because she is engaging in a male-dominated activity. After all, one’s gender disposition is not anyone else’s business.

Whether it may be a matter of what she wants to be or something as simple as her hairstyle, a woman should feel comfortably free to do whatever she wishes to do without people telling her that she should do otherwise. Come on, it’s 2017.

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