Beaches are Overrated! Here’s Why You Should Visit This Lake on Your Next Weekend Trip!

Almost everybody nowadays loves to take on an adventure.

Because why not? Traveling is good for the soul! Whether you’re going solo, together with your partner, or with your family, a getaway is your much needed break from the daily stress of life! We all have our different versions of wanderlust, but these days, beaches are really just getting a bit crowded. Why not go someplace that’s not too common?

“If not the beach, then where?”

Laguna is definitely more than meets the eye. The place isn’t just somewhere you want to be because of Enchanted Kingdom. It’s also a natural attraction because it’s engulfed in nature. You may already have heard of Pagsanjan Falls and Mount Makiling—after all, those are very popular adventure spots in the area. But this beautiful lake called Pandin Lake might just take you by surprise, too.

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Here are 7 reasons why you should take your friends to Pandin Lake for your next weekend trip:

7. It’s near Manila

Compared to the long five to six-hour travel time going to Zambales, this one only takes two to three (make sure you don’t get caught up in traffic by leaving early!). Of course, it also helps to look up an updated travel guide online to make sure you know where you’re going! You don’t want to waste too much time trying to find the right direction, when you can prepare for it in advance!

6. It’s a budget friendly trip

Satisfying your love for travel need not be expensive. Sure, you can splurge at times, but you can visit gems without paying through the nose. If you’re going with a travel buddy, just prepare PHP 1,300 because that would be enough for transportation and food (though you are very much welcome to pack some chips for more food). The boat ride worth P550/head (for two people) already includes the lunch. So if you’re going with a group, expect even cheaper expenses!

5. It’s decongested

The thing about beaches, it’s a place everyone wants to go to. Pandin Lake in Laguna has the same “wow” factor without you having to worry about the big crowd and people congesting the place.

4. It has clear, beautiful waters

Pandin Lake has one of the clearest and purest waters I’ve ever seen. It’s green in color, but that doesn’t mean it’s dirty. It is what it is because of the plants at the very bottom, and because there are lots of trees surrounding the whole area, which is reflected on the surface of the lake. In fact, the water is so clean that the locals drink it straight up. Swimming is also fun and refreshing. Plus, you don’t get itchy all over after, unlike in some beaches. Pandin Lake is about 180 feet deep, so listen to the guide and put on your life vest!

3. You get to enjoy a moment of peace

When you’re at the beach, it’s hard to zone out, just enjoy the moment, or meditate. There are distractions all over. In Pandin Lake, it’s super quiet and serene. Also, just the view could give you spiritual healing.

2. The locals are super friendly

There will be two locals who will assist you in the raft. They’re selected members from the barangay assigned to guide, tell the story of Pandin, and basically help you move around the lake. If you think having a guide together with you and your friends on the raft is uncomfortable, you’re wrong. They’re polite and respectful. They will keep to themselves if you want to relax, and if you’re feeling a little chatty, they’re more than happy to share the story of their place.

1. It’s not the common beach trip

Pandin Lake and Yambo Lake (the twin lake just on the other side) are obviously not beaches. But there’s no doubt you’d fall in love with the place. Just LOOK at it. It’s paradise.

Still debating whether this is a good place to spend the weekend with your friends? Come on. Don’t think too much. Pack your stuff, and go on a simple trip that will get you closer and give you a more intimate feel with nature!

Pandin Lake tours are managed by locals, originally managed by the wives of the fishermen. Enjoy a nature-friendly trip, while supporting their livelihood. For raft reservations and other group package questions, you may contact: ATE TINA 0907 995 2983


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