Bea Alonzo Shares Real Score Between Her and Dominic Roque

After months of speculation, Bea Alonzo finally opened up about the real deal between her and Actor Dominic Roque.

In an interview with Mega’s G3 San Diego, Bea explained that they are not in an exclusive relationship but are currently dating.


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“Wala pa kami. Ang hirap kasing sabihin,” she stated. “Nahihiya ako sa mga tao na ‘I’m 33, I am dating”, she said.

She also shared about her feeling of uncertainty on how the relationship will be and notes that Dominic Roque is a “good guy”. “What if I fail again? I don’t want to keep failing in front of you guys, it’s embarrassing”, she added.

Dominic had posted a photo of them together back in October 2019 during Bea’s birthday celebration.


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Though she is 33 years old, she admits to being a little scared of being back in the dating scene. Many are bugging Bea to share more about her dating life but she said she will just talk about it more once she becomes sure of the person she dating.