Bea Lorenzo, Drei Raña, and more! Verafede Inc. to hold the 2nd Chapter of Self Love Club— encouraging the youth to love and express themselves

We all have our own unique way of expressing love for ourselves. For some, self-love may take the form of relaxation by binge-watching on Netflix or streaming Korean dramas. For others, it may be getting fit and healthy by doing extreme sports or strenuous exercises. For many, self-love is releasing their creative juices into either art or music. But what does self-love actually mean?

Love, in its very essence and definition, is wanting the good for others. Self-love, therefore, is wanting and directing that good to the self. In a sense, self-love means ensuring one’s own wellbeing and happiness holistically in order to better love and foster a healthy relationship with other people, our friends, and family members. In order to raise awareness about the importance of self-love and talk about the pressing issue of mental health in our society— even more to the youth— the interns of Verafede Inc. organized Self-Love Club Chapter 2: Self-Expression.

Self-Love Club Chapter 2: Self-Expression follows the first chapter of Verafede Inc.’s Self Love Club Series which focused on body positivity. This second addition to the Self Love Club series, as the culminating project of the interns of the company, advocates self-love through a chill, intimate, and healthy way of self-expression. The event promises a night full of spoken word poetry, inspirational talks, and music performances. Artists such as Bea Lorenzo, Drei Raña, the GoodBoys, and Pinkmen are expected to showcase their feelings and emotions through their music, while Christnel Sawali and Jolo Espino through their spoken word performance. To cap it all off, reigning Miss Philippine Youth International Rikki Mae Dela Pena, and a Youth for Mental Health Coalition representative are set to inspire the Filipino youth into being more self-aware and self-loving.

All proceeds from the event would go to Verafede Inc.’s chosen beneficiary, the Youth for Mental Health Coalition, a group of youth advocates working towards raising awareness on mental health and ending the stigma on mental illnesses among the Filipino youth. This initiative is in partnership with as its media partner.

So what are you waiting for? Learn to express yourself and love yourself. Buy your tickets now! You may still secure a chance to meet and greet the artists!

Self-Love Club Chapter 2: Self-Expression will be on July 20, 2019 (Saturday) at Main Street Kapitolyo, 10 ECapitol Dr, Pasig, 1603 Metro Manila. Registration starts at 7:00 PM. Check out the Facebook event named Self-Love Club Chapter 2: Self-Expression for more information on how to avail tickets!

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