Bea Alonzo Gives Tips on How to Move on From Being “Ghosted”

In Angel Locsin and Neil Arce’s Halloween episode on their YouTube channel, Bea Alonzo shared and talked about what it’s like to be ghosted.

In the vlog, Angel called Bea an “expert” on being ghosted and even called her “The Face of Ghosting in the Philippines.” They all talked about different tips on how to move on from someone who ghosted you.

Bea Alonzo

Photo from Bea Alonzo IG (@beaalonzo)

One of the many tips that Bea was asked about is if it’s right to post on social media so that the person who ghosted you can view you. With this, she said that you should post on social media for yourself, and not for others.

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She also shared that one of her most effective tips on how to move on from someone who ghosted you is to love yourself. Bea said that if we don’t love and respect ourselves, our significant other will not respect us either.

You can watch the vlog below:

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