Be One with Nature at the 1st Climate Change Awareness Night

Join France – Philippines United Action Foundation, together with Spotlight, a platform that promotes Filipino Independent Cinema, and Pineapple Lab, an art space and gallery that showcases works of local and international art makers, in a unique and eye-opening approach in amplifying your consciousness about climate change – a global phenomenon that transcends borders and affects the entirety of our planet. Widen your horizons, and be one with nature as we convene at the 1st Climate Change Awareness Night which will be held on October 26. 2017 from 6PM-10PM, at Pineapple Lab.

Grasp a deeper understanding by watching Brillante Mendoza’s film “Taklub” to see how the lives of three victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan are intertwined in a series of events that will challenge them. “Taklub” captures the reality of the post-Haiyan situation in Tacloban, Philippines. The cinematography looks so real that the actors seem to be just like real life survivors of Super Typhoon Haiyan. “Taklub” is more than a movie; it is close to a documentary and the guests will feel the effects of the aftermath of the strongest typhoon to have struck the country. “Taklub” was produced by Mendoza’s Centerstage Productions and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Munch on Taters popcorn while watching the Filipino drama film.

Gauge your knowledge and have a thought-provoking and interactive Q&A with experts after the film. Raise questions about climate change that will further deepen your understanding and awareness regarding the issue. Immerse yourselves in stunning, yet heartwarming photos about climate change by Arthur Perset, a French freelance photographer.

Relish in indulgent chocolates by Auro, cocktail food, and wine as you connect and network throughout the night. Expand your connections with a wide array of guests from the French – Filipino business community, as well as young professionals. The takeaway knowledge of the guests about climate change can help forge new long-term investments while taking into account the environment. After all, what is the use of these investments if people don’t have a future to look forward to because of the adverse effects of climate change?

The event is made possible by our major sponsor, AXA Charter Ping An.

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