BBC Calls Manila Asia’s Friendliest Metropolis


Smile! British public service broadcaster BBC has called Manila Asia’s friendliest metropolis.

The article written by Dennis Clemente notes that Filipinos are polite and curious. Clemente says:

The first thing you’ll notice about Manila are the stares you attract from locals. No one grows up in this city being told that it’s impolite to stare, so the habit has just stuck. Don’t worry, these are just curious glances and the only response is a friendly smile.

In spite of [a] love of languages making yourself understood in a business relationship can be difficult for outsiders. Filipinos prefer to be extremely polite and may not always respond in a straightforward manner if they think their answer might hurt someone’s feelings. It takes a while to adjust to this mode of speaking but once you get the hang of it— by picking up on subtle cues — communication gets a lot easier. Office environments here are expat-friendly with a strong family vibe.

The article also mentions the progression of the Philippine economy, marking the country as one of the fastest growing in Asia.

The article, titled “Smile! You’re in Asia’s Friendliest Metropolis,” is targeted towards expats and shows a brief guide on places to go, food options, language, traveling, and leisure activities.

Do you agree that Manila is the friendliest metropolis in Asia? Share your thoughts below!

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