Bb. Pilipinas International 2016 Kylie Verzosa Spreads Mental Health Awareness

Just like any disease, anxiety and depression are also crucial. However, our society has stigmatized people suffering from depression a mental case. While it is true, people suffering from it must not feel different from others. The depression cases in the Philippines are prevalent and must be dealt with accordingly.

This is something we should NOT be ashamed of as there are game changers, organizations, and even helpline you can call when you need moral support.

Speaking of game changers, our Bb. Pilipinas International 2016, Kylie Verzosa, is pushing mental health awareness, GMA news reported.

Binibining Pilipinas International 2016 Kylie Versoza

According to the news report, Kylie wears many hats too: she is a pre-school teacher, runway model, and an advocate for depression and suicide awareness. She shared her wonderful and meaningful insights about the issue in the recent Manila Bulletin article titled: The Game Changer.

The 24-year-old titleholder expounded his advocacy by spreading awareness in her Instagram account.

In verbatim, she wrote:

Depression and anxiety are one of the youth’s main problems of today. I want people to know that it is a real sickness and it affects people in many different ways. It is treatable, and you are not alone.
Mental health is something we do not talk about often. I believe that one of the most fundamental knowledges is how to manage our own mind and emotions, and this isn’t something taught in schools but eventually learned through searching and experience. And also highly believe that our success depends upon our mindset.

Also, it’s about time to talk about focusing on our inner selves and dive into a much deeper understanding of things. This is the time where we need to quiet ourselves, become self aware, and learn to expand our consciousness. Because this knowledge hasn’t been adopted nor accepted yet in society. Depression is a stress-related disease and i present to you other ways of overcoming it instead on relying on western anti-depressive medication that have been know to be causes for suicide.

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If we understand more on how our own mind and emotions function, by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, by being generous with our thoughts, and if regularly take time to settle in our own depth, then I really think we can make that change in the world.#mentalhealth #depressionawareness

Well said, Kylie. I hope to have more advocates like you so people aren’t scared to come out and speak up.

The beauty queen is set to compete and represent in Tokyo. Miss International is among the big four international beauty pageants notwithstanding Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth.

The year 2015 was our year to represent! Miss Universe -Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Earth- Angelia Ong, Miss Globe- Ann Colis, Miss Scuba International- Cindy Madduma, and Miss Intercontentinal 1st runner-up- Christi Lynn McGarry.

Good luck and represent!

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