Battle the Heat Monsters with Picket Fence

WHEN IN MANILA, after a tiring day in school and battling the deadly heat monster at the same time, there are only two ways that can turn that frown upside down—crazy friends and a good ol’ fashion ice cream.

Last Friday, to celebrate the end of the week, my friends and I headed over to the newest it place in the Katipunan area—Picket Fence! Picket Fence reminds me of the famous Pop’s Diner in the Archie Comics but more girlier and sparklier.




Picket Fence is a new ice cream shop in the Katipunan area that promises to fight the heat monster for you with their delectable ice cream soldiers. Among the extensive mouth-watering menu of Picket Fence, here are some of my friends and my faves.



Picket Fence’s Sprite Float is so cute and good at the same time! The colorful ice cream is so adorable and the cherry syrup at the bottom, amazeballs! All you girly girls will definitely adore this girly drink!



Picket Fence’s cheesy fries put the A in amazing! I love how the saltiness of the fries creates the  perfect balance with the sweetness of their ice cream.



Picket Fence’s Chip & Nut Parfait is so good it turned my nutty Korean friend even more nuts! He couldn’t stop gobbling this little treat to the very last spoonful and who could blame him?



This Angus Beef Burger is one of my faves for the night! The thick juicy patty topped with a slab of bacon with a side of fries, ‘nuff said.



I’ve always been a huge fan of pistachio ice cream so obviously it’s no secret that my knees would go weak for Picket Fence’s Pistachio Milkshake. I can totally see myself heading over to Picket Fence in the middle of a grueling heat wave for a glass of this drool-worthy milkshake! Definitely a must-try!

So what are ya’ll waiting for? Check out Picket Fence and battle the pesky heat monsters WHEN IN MANILA.




With amazing ice cream and milkshakes from Picket Fence, crazy friends with crazy alter egos, you’ll always have an unlimited supply of happiness in your pockets.

Picket Fence


Contact: 242 43 05


Visit: FBR Arcade
Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines




All photos taken by Loren Escalona




Battle the Heat Monsters with Picket Fence


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