Battle of Wits 2016: Where Theory Meets One’s Ability

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  For centuries, man has continuously utilized his skills and resources in order to sharpen his mind necessary to break through the walls of anonymity leading to the corridors of new discovery and paving the way to a whole new cycle. This is one of the main reasons why we are brought to school for five days a week. Learning everyday in subjects of varying topics and continuously assessed through the scores we garner in numerous worksheets ranging from exams to home works and from projects to reports. However, these numbers that has served as the standards of intelligence for who knows how long isn’t reliable because a person’s knowledge, creativity, and capability cannot be quantified by a few pieces of paper. Every person in this planet is undeniably brilliant in their own field of interest; they simply need to release this potential in any medium available to them for them to showcase it.

                        That is why, Adamson University Chemical Engineering Students Society, one of the leading student organizations recognized by the institution, or simply AdUChESS has created an event that will satisfy the needs of all of those geniuses out there whom are dying to test their brains with those of others. Its name is none other than Battle of Wits 2016: Where Theory Meets One’s Ability.

                        Now, it begs the question: “Why would I go and compete in the competitions prepared under this event?” The answer is simple:

  • Participate in the organizations version of the most well known game show in the Philippines: Who wants to be a Millionaire? combined with 1 vs. 100 giving birth to ChE vs. 100. Prepare to battle it out with some of the institutions ChE Board Passers while being in the presence of the Top 1 of the recent ChE board exam: Engr. Lawrence Paul A. Pamatmat.
  • If you’re amazed by the fast pace arithmetic solving of Grade 1 students then you’ll be left speechless by the mental calculations of engineering students, in subjects plagued by the usage of calculators, in Mental Math: The Ultimate Battle of Intelligence which will be judged by no other than Engr. Rainier G. Gomez, Top 5 of the recent ChE board exam.
  • Research is a word that sends shivers to our spines but not to these students. Witness as high schools students from some of the most prestigious institutions in the Philippines present their research that has garnered not just the recognition of the organization but also of competitions outside the country in Strain for the Brain: Science Investigatory Project Competition.

                        Battle of the Wits 2016 promises a memorable experience for all of its participants from the start of the day up to its final hours. So mark your calendars and free your schedule on August 20, 2016 from eight in the morning up till five in the afternoon.

Join and vie for the title that will garner you a position creating an indelible mark in the organizations vestibule of greatness.