Bato to send delegation to Wakanda

04BATO 4

Bato standing in solidarity with the Wakandans

Photo by Jillian Bueno

Bato Dela Rosa, in an effort to help out with the technological advancement of the Philippine National Police, has turned to Wakanda for their technological expertise and their supply of vibranium.

In order to aid the PNP in terms of much-needed upgrades, the Director General has approached our friends in Wakanda to gain knowledge on how best to utilize vibranium and how it could create more efficient databases and equipment. Information is powerful in taking down criminals and to be able to better streamline methods to obtain and store information is one definitive way to improve the criminal justice system.

A representative of Bato’s delegation informed us that they hope to strike a deal to bring home enough vibranium to refurbish their systems and maybe enough surplus to hand over to the Department of Tranportation, too. “[I]t will be enough, I believe, not just to improve our gear but to also aid our transportation situation,” he told us. “We can allocate enough vibranium for ourselves and for other departments.”

“We believe that vibranium will be instrumental in refurbishing our systems and even moving forward for our equipment,” he says, ending his statement.

The delegation is leaving today, April 1st, and will be negotiating for the rest of the week.

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