Batangas Food Festival: Reinventing Batangueño Cuisine



The first dish I tried was Rodrigo’s roast. The meat was very juicy and tender! Use the sauce with the tomato jam base and surely you’ll be coming back for seconds.

Then there’s the Sinaing na Bangus. Usually, Batangueños use tulingan for this dish, but during the Batangas Food Festival they used bangus to make it more familiar to people not from Batangas. It was a great dish. The fish was flaky and gently soured with kamias. Also, they used bangus belly so for bangus belly fans, line up for this.


There’s also the Native Chicken Adobo Flakes with Tablea sauce. This dish was so good, I kept coming back for more. The meat was flaked so there’s the crispy texture.


You add in some sauce for the traditional adobo taste, but there’s tablea and kapeng barako in the sauce for added flavor.

There was also Bagoong Rice made from Bagoong Balayan. It’s perfect with the adobo flakes. We also had the Pancit Atsuete with Longganiza Balayan.


Then there’s the Paella Ala Eh! It’s the paella that infuses one of Batangas’ most famous recipes: Kaldereta. It goes well with Rodrigo’s roast. (Thank me later.)




For desserts, you can sink your taste buds into some traditional delicacies like Galapong Puti and Bibingkang Galapong Batangas.


There’s Bikong Batangas presented like little popsicles.


My instant favorite was the Suman ala Churos with Tablea Chocolate. It’s deep fried suman and shaped like a churro. It’s like eating rice crispies but with a suman taste. Dip it in chocolate to add some sweets in it.


After that awesome gastronomic adventure, we pampered ourselves with the great view and amenities of Matabungkay Beach Hotel.

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If that made your mouth water and want to take a vacation, here’s the great news. All the dishes here are available starting October 1 until December 31, 2016. It’s part of their Batangas Food Festival Package or BFF Package for short. After a great meal, enjoy the wonderful view and awesome amenities in Matabungkay Beach Hotel!


Batangas Food Festival