#Batang90s: 20 Photos Of 90’s Memorabilia Will Make You Nostalgic

Naaalala ‘nyo pa ba?

Ah the 90’s, the last decade of the 20th century before the new millennium kicked in. Life was simpler back then, Michael Jordan was undoubtedly the king of the NBA (sorry LeBron), no smartphones or Facebook back then, so kids of the 90’s (and those of every generation before them) had to be more creative in keeping themselves busy!

Facebook user and photographer Jergens Correa came up with these awesome photos of 90’s memorabilia that are sure to leave #Batang90s feeling nostalgic and remembering the feeling when happiness was defined with a tamagotchi in your itty bitty hands!

Some of the things here are gone, obsolete and unfamiliar to today’s generation (do the teens over there even KNOW what a diskette was? No??), while some of these items still pop up every now and then in your local sari sari store, if you’re lucky. Take a trip down memory lane with these photos!

#Batang90s: 20 Photos Of 90’s Memorabilia Will Make You Nostalgic

90's kids 5

90's kids 6

90's kids 7

90's kids 8

90's kids 9

90's kids 10

90's kids 11

90's kids 12

90's kids 13

90's kids 14

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