Batang Rizal Ateneo Entablado: 5 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About Dr. Jose Rizal

Article by: Michelle Tiu

Everyone knows Jose Rizal is the Philippine’s national hero along with a bunch more titles such as poet, doctor, and so much more. But aren’t you curious even just a little bit about his life as young Rizal?

Here are some facts about young Rizal you might not know:

WIM Batang Rizal

1. Rizal was born June 19, 1861 between 11 and 12 before midnight on a Wednesday. According to an account he wrote, it was said to be a full moon.

2. Mercado, which meant “market” was actually their original family name. However, his father chose Rizal instead as it meant “green field” since they were educated farmers.

3. Rizal, at 11 years old, was sent to Manila shortly after his mother was unjustly captured and months later the martyrdom of GOM-BUR-ZA happened. Because of this, his brother, Paciano, which until today remains to be quite a mystery, had to lay low as he was associated with the priests.

4. At that time, what is known today as Ateneo de Manila, was called Escuela Pia. When Rizal was already a student, it was called Ateneo Municipal.

Funnily, the priests actually didn’t want to accept him simply because he was late, frail, and small for his age. He later graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree at 16.

5. Rizal’s first romance happened after graduation with a 14 year-old college student named Segunda Katigbak. Although they might have liked each other, she was already set to marry someone else. Being a shy boy, he didn’t have enough courage to confess and ask her out but was only able to bid her goodbye from afar.

But wait, speaking of young Rizal, Ateneo ENTABLADO is restaging Batang Rizal this year. It tells of the story of young Rizal who meets Pepe, a boy from the modern time. Hand-in-hand they will find out for themselves what it really means, and what it takes, to be a hero.

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Shows are happening on October 10-14, 17-21, 24-28 at 7 PM, and October 14, 21, and 28 at 2 PM. For further inquiries and ticket reservations, you may contact Stacey Dy at 09163273370 or send an e-mail via admuentablado@gmail.com.

*Source of facts from: Jose Rizal: Life, Works, and Writings written by Gregorio F. Zaide.