Basti Artadi and Juan Miguel Severo Unite Generations With ACER’s #TimeForUs

Written by Annika Villarroel 

Millennials: indecisive and reckless. Gen Xers: conservative and “old-school”.

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acer time for us juan miguel severo

Those are just some of the words thrown around to put down each generation. I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard the word “millennial” and “Gen Xers” thrown around in such negative connotations way too many times to count.

acer time for us basti artadi

Millennials may do things the older set can’t really understand — they hop from one job to another and spend most of their day glued to their phone screens. Gen X may be a little too predictable for the Gen Y crowd — they stick to tradition and are a little too lax. But even if they seem this way, don’t be deceived by this generalistic facade, as is with most things in life, things aren’t what they appear to be.

acer time for us party crowd yes please

Let’s face it: both generations are significant in their own unique ways. Gen Xers are magnificent builders, while Millennials thrive on innovation.

acer time for us dj mixing

You can only imagine the world of opportunities that would arise if you bring them together, and this is exactly what ACER’s #TimeForUs Launch Event in collaboration with G-Shock at Yes Please in Bonifacio Global City is all about.

acer time for us donita rose justin quirino

#TimeForUs is proof that two generations can come together to create something powerful. ACER and G-Shock tapped talents from their respective generations to transcend the generation gap — Donita Rose of 90’s MTV fame and 99.5 Play FM’s Justin Quirino hosted the event.

acer time for us basti artadi juan miguel severo

The main highlight, however, was the collaboration between Basti Artadi, a rock musician and vocalist of award-winnning rock band Wolfgang, and Juan Miguel Severo, a spoken word artist who broke waves on the Internet with his piece “Ito Na Ang Huling Tula Na Isusulat Ko Para Sa’yo”,  on a special musical-and-spoken word piece entitled “Time For Us”. The song showcased the struggles of their generations, what they did to forge their own strengths, and that it is truly time for us to unite and cease this generational divide.

acer time for us 4

To symbolize the coming together of these generations, Acer also announced that they are partnering with G-Shock to launch their #TimeForUs promo, where you can get a G-Shock watch with every purchase of a qualifying Acer laptop. Check out more details on Acer Philippines.

Are you from Gen X or are you a millennial? Share the best thing about your generation in the comments!


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