Bask in the Light with RXN: Neos (Ateneo MACA’s Annual Pool Party)

RXN poster 1

This May 6, 2017 will be the opening of this year’s installment of Ateneo MACA’s party series. Aptly named “Neos,” the night will play host to wet ‘n wild elements such as self-designed drinks and a swimming pool to cool off in the summer heat. As the only science-based entrepreneurship organization in the university, the Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association boasts its embodiment of creativity and innovation through its core competency of Innovative Consumer Product Development.

“Neos,” meaning “new,” was taken from the name of the element known for its use in glowing signs and lights, neon. Following 2016’s RXN Helios, RXN Neos will carry over the theme of noble gases, hence, partygoers are to expect a night of fun, chillraving, and swimming. With its official media partner,, RXN Neos is sure to live up to its name, being a new and exciting addition to the MACA RXN Party Series.

RXN Neos is open to the public and will be held at Clubhouse Corinthian Hills, Temple Drive. Doors will open at 8pm. Tickets cost 250 pesos each.

#BaskInTheNewLight #LightItUp

For more information, visit the MACA RXNofficial event page:

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