WHEN:          October 16, 2016 at 7:00 PM

WHERE:       Ayala Museum


BAROQUE X ELECTRO: Techno takes over as the Hamburg Baroque Orchestra, Elbipolis, teams up with experimental musician/DJ Brezel Göring, to present an unexpected musical performance that can be dubbed as both classical and inventive.


‘’Baroque Lounge: Outerspace’’ may seemingly be an unlikely coupling, but the impact of this fascinating musical experience outweighs initial apprehensions. The Hamburg-based Baroque Orchestra, Elbipolis, offers a playful take on classical music, and inspires the artist Brezel Göring of Stereo Total, to bring in electro sounds. Performed in a relaxed lounge setting, the result is a spontaneous musical experience.

ELBIPOLIS Elbipolis, the Hamburg-based Baroque Orchestra, has consistently been stirring up excitement with their constant desire for new musical discoveries. Elbipolis identifies with the passion for regional music history and cosmopolitanism, pushing the boundaries of classical music to reach even the younger audiences. Since 2008, in the Baroque Lounge series, the ensemble has been teaming up with leaders of the electronic music scene, and has managed to gain popularity among listeners and critics.




A permanent fixture in the German experimental music scene, Brezel Göring had been performing since he was a teenager, in various local bands, and as a solo act, producing records, released internationally, for video games, movies, and theater. Also famed for incorporating self-built instruments in his music, Göring has been playing and developing the Baroque Lounge concept with the Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra over the years.



The Goethe-Institut released a series of concerts across South-East Asia dubbed ‘’Anders Hören’’ (Listening differently) inviting audiences to take part in a journey of adopting and promoting classical music. The series started in 2015 with violinist Mirijam Contzen, who was playing ‘’concerts in the dark’’, in a pitch-black concert hall. More and more musicians and orchestras in Germany are getting involved in presenting classical music outside the traditional context of concerts, and are looking for new formats to engage the audiences. In 2016, the Elbipolis Baroque Orchestra and DJ Brezel Göring travel through South-East Asia with ‘’Baroque Lounge’’, presenting a new approach to connect classical music and electro. In February 2017, Ensemble Resonanz will visit five South-East Asian cities, and collaborate with local DJ’s, to present their ‘’Urban String’’ programme, and swap the concert hall with an authentic club atmosphere.

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