Amid Controversy, Barbie Imperial and Diego Loyzaga Celebrate 1st Anniversary

Amid all the rumors and controversy surrounding them, Barbie Imperial and Diego Loyzaga commemorated their first year together as an official couple.

On Instagram, Barbie penned a heartfelt letter to her boyfriend, thanking him for all the efforts he’s made to express his love for her.

“Happy first anniversary, mahal! Since the day we met you’ve never stopped showing me how much you love me, how much you care for me. I am so thankful for you. You know how to make me happy (and make me bwisit loool),” she began on her post.


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“I am thankful for when you cook food for me, when you surprise me, when you feed me burgers & fries, your gifts and all the random ways you shower me with love.”

According to her, it was Diego who taught her how to love herself and to not mind the judgment of others.

“I think the best thing you’ve ever done is teach me how to love myself more. You taught me so many things in life that no one has ever told me about. You taught me how to be strong. How to be okay even when I’m alone. You made me feel and believe that I am enough, and perfect just the way I am. You taught me how not to care about anyone but the people who love me. You taught me so much about reality and how sometimes there’s more magic in it than fantasy,” she continued.

“Thankful you’re my partner in everything. Excited for future adventures with you mahal ko. I love you so much.”

Her post included many photos they took together over the year, with the last one being the first picture they ever took together.

Diego, meanwhile, couldn’t help but gush in the comments, “Awww baby kong nag effort sa post and caption. I love you, mahal. One year down and [infinity] to go. You’ll always have me as your partner, partner in crime, your best friend and your lover. Madami pa ako gustong sabihin pero wala na akong caption nyan sa post ko. I love you baby kooow!!! Thank you.”

He also made a separate post on Instagram sharing with fans and friends what he did to surprise Barbie on their first anniversary which was to have a cozy spot by the pool decorated with flowers, balloons, and lights just for the two of them to hang out under the stars with the perfect view of the sea.


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“Happy anniversary mahal ko! Daaaaamn one year. Went by fast [didn’t] it? [I’m] grateful for you. It was this exact spot last year where we met again and things were never the same. Thank you, for being my motivation and being my sakit sa ulo. For keeping me balanced and anchored. For giving me a million new fun memories and showing me new things. For having my back, thru thick and thin. For making me coffee in the morning and cooking me corned beef at 2 am. For loving me for who I am and accepting everything in between. I may not be perfect and still mess up along the way, but ill try my best everyday. I hope you were surprised and enjoyed the night mahal!” he wrote.

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Aww, so sweet!

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