Barbie Almalbis Touches Millions of Hearts with Uplifting Rendition of “Umagang Kay Ganda”

We all cope with challenges in our own little ways. During difficult times like these, many Filipinos have turned to drawing strength from simple things—creating short dance videos on social media, tending to indoor plants, or listening to songs while cooking and baking.

True enough, there seems to be a perfect anthem for all those that badly need a picker-upper. Last July 30, Magnolia Dari Creme released its collaboration with singer and songwriter Barbie Almalbis through a beautiful rendition of the classic song, Umagang Kay Ganda. The song and its music video aimed to give support and honor to our brave front liners, just in time when they appealed for their 2 weeks of time-out.

Barbie shared that the power of music expressed in songs like Umagang Kay Ganda has been a great source of joy and comfort, especially during the lockdown. According to her, “It has helped ease our anxiety, encouraged us towards faith, and given us comfort and pockets of happiness.”

The music video has gone viral, generating over 10 million views and 44k shares on Youtube and Facebook, a testament of how much this song struck and stirred so many hearts. The comments section was flooded with netizens’ reactions, sharing how they were deeply moved by the song and the real, authentic scenes featured in the music video. One of the commenters shared, “Am I the only one crying watching this video? This song has a lot of message and it really touched my heart. Haharapin natin ang bagong umaga! Thanks Barbie for this new arrangement of the song.”.

Another user, who happens to be a frontliner, expressed how he related to the song and how it made him miss his daughter even more: “Looking forward sa araw na magkakasama ulit kami ng daughter ko. Half [a] year na kaming hindi nagkikita due to the current situation at dahil na din sa pagiging healthcare worker ko. It’s her 4th birthday today and I hope she’s happy kahit malayo kami sa isa’t isa. ❤”.

Some users were inspired to post their interpretations of the song, with the intention to share a piece of solace to those who need it this time, just how Magnolia Dari Creme and Barbie did. These video responses warmed the singer’s heart, saying “I am grateful that through creativity and with the help of technology, we can still be emotionally connected to our communities and families even while we are physically isolated.”.

Through the song, Magnolia Dari Creme hopes to send a beautiful reminder of the importance of our families and communities as we embrace new realities. As a household brand that supports starting each day with a wonderful breakfast with the family, we too can do what we can to rise and make each day better.

Umagang Kay Ganda by Barbie Almalbis in collaboration with Magnolia Dari Creme is now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes.

Visit Magnolia Dari Creme’s Youtube channel and Barbie Almalbis’ Facebook Page to watch the full music video.

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