Barapido: Making Local Heritage Products Accessible to Everyone

Roadtrips are fun and buying your favorite local gems as pasalubong can be awesome! However, due to our hectic schedules, finding the time to brave five hours of traffic (sometimes even more) to go to our beloved provinces can be demotivating. As such, the end result is hanggang share nalang tayo ng photos sa Facebook or magpasabay from your friends and family!

Barapido is changing that situation by making local heritage favorites accessible to everyone. They offer Same Day Delivery (Php85) and Next Day Delivery (Php65) for quality products, including the following:

Sophie’s Gourmet Spanish Style Bangus (Php165)

This Spanish style milkfish in a jar is made in corn oil, dried kamias, and spices and chili that is just so good! I couldn’t get enough of this one! This is what I kept thinking about, to be honest. They also sell other flavors: Hot&Spicy Dried Sardines, Spanish Style Smoked Sardines, and Spanish Style Herring to name a few!

Sinamak (Php150)

The perfect pairing for chicharon or anything with rice, Sinamak is sure to make your pulutan and meals worthwhile! The spicy variant is so good, it’s a staple for any Filipino pantry.

6. Salted Egg (Php150/dozen)

Famously known as ‘Itlog Ni Kuya’ in Laguna, this has been a bestseller for years. Just drop their name and the locals will know where to direct you. Aside from salted eggs, they also make their own version of the international snack, salted egg chips.

Mulberry Wine (Php799 – 750 ml, Php279 – 200 ml)

Filipino kind of wine? This is it! Sure, we all know about blueberries and strawberries, but have you ever heard of mulberries? They’re basically the Filipino version of berries and they’re really good!

4. Coconut Powder (Php250)

This one is for you, kai-vegans! For so long, CocoPlus has been selling their pure virgin coconut oil. During the process, they throw away the coconut meat since all they need is the oil. However, they decided to not waste the coconut meat anymore and that’s how this product was born – Skimmed Coconut Milk.

The taste of coconut isn’t overpowering, either! Enjoy these as is, on top of desserts, or as coffee creamer!

Matcha Green Tea Leche Flan Desserts (Php160)

We Filipinos love our leche flan, but admit it: there are  times when it gets boring. John’s Gourmet brings leche flan to a new level, turning our favorite desserts into something irresistible! If you’re unsure of what to get, give their Matcha Green Tea leche flan a try; it’s one of their bestsellers.

VCO Lavender Massage Oil (Php88 – 50 ml,  Php210 – 150ml)

This virgin coconut oil and lavender massage oil is a great combination for moisturizing and relaxing your body. Aside from it being a massage oil, it serves many purposes, like as a makeup remover or a facial moisturizer.

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Gold in Grass Lemongrass Oil (Php680)

Love gourmet food? Make it right in your kitchen! This little bottle goes a long way. You’ll only need to drop a toothpick in and stir it in a glass of water and you’re good to make really flavorful recipes!

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These products are budget-friendly and so is Barapido’s delivery fee! Visit their website today and be impressed yourself. Treat yo’ self to some Filipino goodness 😉



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