Banahaw Spring: Say Hello to this New Bottled Water Manufactured in the Philippines

In a world full of different beverages to quench one’s thirst, there’s nothing that can top the simplest and most powerful drink: water. But how often do you check if what you’re putting in your body is safe, of top quality, and has the right nutrients you really need?

Banahaw Spring purified water is the first bottled water manufactured in the Philippines. Named after its source, every single drop of it gives the beauty of the greens, freshness of plants, and the wonderful feeling of being close to nature. Well, what do you expect? It’s locally sourced from Mt. Banahaw!

The company behind this newest water product is none other than the Philippine Bottling Beverage or PBB, and they’re no newbie in the industry. They are a 100% Filipino-owned company whose business involves manufacturing, private labeling and tolling, as well as marketing, warehousing and delivery of bottled products.

Spearheaded by their Brand Manager Joan Decena and Product Development Manager, Thor Jourdan Mutuc, the team spent many years of research and testing to perfect a product that could become the “cradle of life” for everyone.

Just another brand? Not really.

Appreciate the source, appreciate nature.

You can say Banahaw Spring purified water is made by nature, having harnessed the water from a sustainable natural source. But another fun fact is that their facility, which upholds international standards and quality with the latest European technologies, is literally located at the foot of Mt. Banahaw, or San Pablo City, to make sure that the water is as fresh and pure as it can be.

The company prides itself in having a product that is made by nature. It also helps to know that they advocate strict compliance of environmental standards in their operations to support and nurture their water source, and take care of the environment.

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Less plastic

As if the Philippine Bottling Beverage needs any more proof of their mastery in manufacturing bottles, Banahaw Spring is made with less plastic than the average plastic bottle to make sure that there is reduced carbon emission. That gives you two takeaways: supporting local, and going green!

Grip technology

One common problem of sweaty and clumsy people is having water bottles slip out of their hands. No need to worry about that now! Banahaw Spring design-engineered a grip technology that follows the curves of a person’s hand. You may not notice it at first (I didn’t); but when it was pointed out, I just had to make a mental thumbs up because it makes the life of ‘on-the-go’ people easier!

Less exposure to harmful chemicals

PBB’s Resident Chemist, Jimber Loyola, made sure that the water undergoes several purification processes, including ultraviolet purification, to “kill all the bacteria and microbes.” He also says purified water is “safer than mineral water, and much better than distilled water.”

Now that the bacteria in the water has been purified, what about the bottle? This is where PBB’s years of expertise come in. Bisphenol A (or BPA) is a common chemical used in the production of plastic. It gives a great health hazard, because it can increase the risk of cancer, when consumed by a human being. Banahaw Spring uses a bottle that’s BPA-free, which means you have the assurance that you’re drinking much safer water than you probably did in the past couple of years.

If you want to #drinkbanahawspring, it is made available in 3 SKUs: 350 ml, 500 ml, and 1L.

Be on the lookout for more of Banahaw Spring and make sure you taste the goodness of water straight from the majestic peaks of Mt. Banahaw!

Banahaw Spring


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