Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 case: Only thing lacking is being bullet-proof

When In Manila, phone protection is top priority specially with high-end new smartphones. As the technology rises, somehow the ruggedness of mobile phones are sacrificed. Apart from being a source of protection, mobile phone cases are now also an accessory and designs are now a big factor with mobile phone case purchases. We’ve seen many hardcore cases, but then sacrificing and lacking in design. Most of them looking plain and unattractive to the point that I’d rather get an attractive looking case and ditch the protection. This is where Ballistic comes in. A mobile phone case as tough as a tank, and has a design that is attractive enough to beat the competition. Here we have the Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 case to try out!




Going to the basics, the Ballistic case is made specifically for drop protection. The packaging was sweet enough to show a drop meter that notifies consumers on how high and how strong the case can protect. Cool beans! Comparing the Ballistic Aspira to the Otterbox Commuter series, the Ballistic Aspira wins hands-down on aesthetics. I understand that these cases are built for drop protection, but a good aesthetic design wouldn’t hurt right? The Ballistic Aspira may be the best drop protection case in the aesthetic department. I have always hated drop protection cases for their ugly designs and overly bulky presentation, but with the Ballistic Aspira, these concerns are all addressed without sacrificing the protection capabilities.




One thing I also am very peculiar about phone cases is with how some cases feel “sticky” when the phone or weather is hot. Some cases seem to have their rubber areas feel like melting or getting quite sticky at some point. Through rigorous testings, the Ballistic Aspira passed this with flying colors.




Overall, I love how Ballistic Aspira provides the same rugged and tough protection with other brands, being capable to protect your iPhone 5 through high drops and strong impacts while giving an attractive design which is very rare from protective cases in this level. Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 cases are now on-sale at P1,500 compared to the original price of P2,500 so grab one now!!!




You can purchase these Ballistic cases locally through these contact details:
E-mail – contactme.jmrtlara@gmail.com
Mobile – 09175997045




Ballistic Aspira iPhone 5 case: Only thing lacking is being bullet-proof










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