Balitang Kutsero: A Multimedia Arts Exhibit 


Event Date: August 27-September 1, 2016 at 6pm

Event Location: Cavio Art Haus

60 San Isidro St., Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig Philippines

Contact Person: Tamer Karam

Contact Details: 0917-513-9161

Sensationalizing is a concept in which in its simplest definition, is to present an intended stimulation to arouse the curiosity or interest of the public through the inclusion of exaggerated and/or lurid details. It is an action and a type of preconceived opinion in mass media where current events are being presented through biased impressions that causes manipulation of the media towards the audience. Walwalo Art Collective presents a concept to of how diverse and opinionated information is and how it affects us as audience and how greatly it can affect the social point of view of society. Questioning the growth of a single impression and how it influences vast outlook of the audience’s point of view.

Through this concept, the group presents a show called “Balitang Kutsero,” which is a Filipino word defined as “balitang hindi totoo o hindi mapanghahawakan” or “information that cannot be trusted.” The artists illustrates the sensationalizing of the media, the yearning for accurate information that is not subjective or manipulated and being formed by subliminal process.