This bakeshop mixes things up by selling cute mixers at P6,500 each

These cute mixers will bake your day!

When you want to start a food business, it’s a fact: you’ll need to invest in ingredients and appliances. For most bakers, a mixer is essential— unless they want really muscular arms. Though chances are, they’ll want (nay, need) a mixer. That way, they can be more efficient and be less tired in the process.

More often than not, mixers are expensive.

Well-known brands can cost over PHP 25,000, and that sounds pretty hefty for a startup.

Thankfully, affordable alternatives exist in the market, and you’ll never guess where this one comes from.

It’s from a bakeshop— one called The Bakester PH.

An online bakeshop that’s been around since 2018, The Bakester offers “sweet treats that satisfy your sweet tooth”. These include Food for the Gods, brownies, cookies, and a diverse selection of cakes. However, this shop recently mixed things up (haha, get it) and started selling mixers!

Photo from The Bakester PH

Photo from The Bakester PH

Functions and Specs

These 5-liter stand mixers come in 4 colors to choose from: Blush Pink, Tiffany Blue, Jet Black, and Ivory White. Priced at PHP 6,500 apiece, these mixers don’t cost an arm and a leg. And they’re cute, too!

According to a post made by The Bakester on Facebook, these mixers are 1200 watts each and have an input voltage of 220 to 240 volts. The bowls are at a 5-liter capacity, and the mixer itself can be used for dough or even to mix and whip ingredients. Plus, the mixer comes equipped with a strong sucker at the bottom to keep it steady.

The accessories that come with this mixer include a dough hook, whisk beater, measuring glass, and plastic cover. To change the attachment, all you need to do is raise the top part, and unscrew.

Worried about the mixer breaking down? Don’t be. The Bakester promises a 6-month warranty upon purchase. As of posting, all units are sold out, so make sure to message the store on Facebook and Instagram to pre-order your own adorable pastel mixer.

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