Bake Away Cakes and Treats: Gourmet Loaves and Cheesecakes Delivered To Your Door

Staying at home doesn’t mean you’d have to skip the celebrations, nor does it mean that you can’t indulge yourself with sweets. Fortunately, you can treat yourself even without leaving your home!

Bake Away Cakes and Treats is an online bakeshop that offers gourmet sweets, delivering them straight to your doorstep.

The bakeshop is based in Marikina City, but they deliver all across Metro Manila.

What makes them stand out is the wide range of products that they offer. Most of these treats are super innovative—sweets you didn’t know you needed!

Some of their bestsellers are their gourmet loaf bread. They currently offer 10 different flavors, but looking at their menu now, we’re pretty sure that they’ll soon be offering a lot more than that.

bake away cakes and treats 04289Banana with Cream Cheese

They’ve got Banana with Cream Cheese, Banana Matcha with Cream Cheese, Carrot Walnut with Cream Cheese, and Chocobutternut to name just a few!

bake away cakes and treats 04218Chocobutternut

Bake Away Cakes and Treats also offer cheesecakes in cans, with flavors ranging from the classic blueberry cheesecake to more innovative options such as matcha and salted egg.

They also have other cakes such as moist chocolate cake, cashew sansrival, fresh fruit cake, and a lot more.

Of course, aside from enjoying delicious treats in the comforts of your home, ordering a cake or two from Bake Away Cakes and Treats allows us to support local businesses. This is especially important in this time when small establishments need support most.

Looking for treats to indulge yourself during snack time? Bake Away Cakes and Treats easily offers that and more!

bake away cakes and treats 04257

Bake Away Cakes and Treats