Back to the 80’s LIVE in Manila!

When in Manila and you love the 80’s then for sure you were part of this epic night in Manila!



Last May 3, 2013 I am so (proud) and happy to say that I was able to experience the Back to the 80’s Concert of The Alarm and Modern English. Not to mention our very own Juan Miguel and The Authority.

Me and my mom arrived on time at the Mall of Asia Arena and got our All Access pass at the back stage. We were seated somewhere in the middle part near the stage which gave us a good view of the performers! I can feel my mom’s excitement as we patiently wait for the bands to play.

DJ Jon Tupaz entertained us during each bands’ break as he plays and mixes some of the 80’s music. And man was he good!

Juan Miguel and The Authority was the front act for the night and he sang almost all the famous 80’s music which made us (the audience) especially my mom all pumped up!


DSC_0128DJ Jon Tupaz

DSC_0129 (copy)


DSC_0133 (copy)

Juan Miguel and The Authority

DSC_0135 (copy)


It was my first time to see Juan Miguel perform and I can say that he is now one of my favorite performers. He was so full of energy and he sang each 80’s song so well!

After his performance, we waited for a while as the first main act assembled their equipments. 

And the countdown begins…




DSC_0144The Alarm












Mike Peters threw water at the audience. WILD!!



DSC_0170He even went around to greet and serenade the audience

The Alarm played a lot of their songs that night including their hits 68 Guns, Absolute Reality and Rain in the Summertime. The crowd danced and sang with him.