Back-To-Back Music Event with EJ de Perio, AJ Rafael, and Jordan Bautista on KUMU!

Don’t miss this back-to-back event with EJ De Perio, AJ Rafael and Jordan Bautista on KUMU!

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Ej De Perio is a 21-year-old acoustic, folk pop singer songwriter. He started performing professionally when he was 17 years old and his career grew into formation being the singing voice to many of your favorite TVCs, including the one for the McDonalds McSpicy. With the purpose to inspire through his music, EJ De Perio has solidified an important spot in today’s generation of OPM artists.

He will be sharing the stage on KUMU with AJ Rafael and Jordan Bautista. Catch them on September 10, 9 PM, on the KUMU app!

EJ will be releasing a single called “BITAW”. It’s a song about letting go of every insecurity including your past relationships. Letting go of every insecurity was never easy. This song helped me release every doubt and fear. What really matters now is the future.

New HOPE is found when we learn to let go. It’s set to be released on September 10, 2020 on digital streaming platforms.