Baby I’m Yours: The Meme Legend Breakbot’s Party in Manila was Sick!

Words by Cole Mañalac

Photos by Joshua Go [CAUTION: REALLY LOUD]

I thought I had it all together but I was led astray the day you walked away… You were the clock that was ticking in my heart, changed my state of mind, but love’s so hard to find… These are the lyrics you hear in the mythical TikTok meme before being destroyed by a gush of inconceivably loud audio. Yet, what exactly is this meme in the first place? 


In 2016, the audio of ‘Baby I’m Yours’ by Breakbot ft. Irfane was used in a vine which featured the show, Tim and Eric. In it, the song played before Eric got hit by a car. Since then, it seemed to be that the song would be used as a way to precede unfortunate events, with the drop of the song hitting the exact moment the unlucky event happens to the main focus of the video. For the most part, it seemed to be that this would be the end of the meme, however, it gained new life when a new meme arose through the ashes of the original. This, of course, is the infamous Ladies and Gentlemen, We Got Him. This video by Youtuber LEGEND would go on to popularize the format of the meme. It spread so far that even Pewdiepie got hit by it during the ligma craze that happened back then. With that, we were lucky enough to have Breakbot and Irfane IN MANILA.


Last September 21, they held a night to definitely remember. The concert was held at Palacio de Manila, and the atmosphere was definitely fantastic.

With drinks in the air and amazing music coming from the man himself, it was no surprise that everyone was dancing to the songs that were blasting out of the speakers. Furthermore, good times were to be had with everyone coming together to simply appreciate the art of music. It was a fun night that allowed people to let loose and party. However, hasn’t it crossed your mind on WHO Breakbot is?


Well, he’s French DJ Thibaut Jean-Marie Michel Berland, but you know him as Breakbot. His more famous works are featured in racing games, with his 2008 remix of Pnau’s Baby appearing in Gran Turismo 5, and his very own Get Lost being featured in Forza Horizon 3. Another surprising fact behind him is that Baby I’m Yours was apparently an inspiration for Bruno Mars’ 2012 hit Treasure. So, besides the meme, his writing and music chops are pretty sick, and I’m sure anybody who danced during the party would be glad to back me up on that. Make sure to catch him next time he’s back in the Philippines! Who knows? Maybe you’d be the inspiration for his next hit.

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