Azta Urban Salon Can Accommodate Your Post-Quarantine Hair Dye Requests

After quarantine, what better way is there to ease yourself back into normalcy than with a little makeover?

I first started dyeing my hair in 2018, and have always been on the lookout for trusted salons that can deliver high quality service, genuine dedication to customers, and the remarkable skillset I require before booking an appointment. A hairdo lasts longer than an OOTD, after all, so it deserves only the best investment!

This is when I stumbled upon Azta Urban Salon. Nestled in the corner of Eastwood Mall Citywalk, Azta Urban Salon specializes in all things quirky and modern. They offer a wide range of services, from nourishing treatments to nail pampering sessions to makeup. Most importantly (for me, anyway), they specialize in stunning dye jobs!

I had a peg prepared, and I have to admit I was a little scared that they wouldn’t be able to achieve the look that I wanted since there were some specific modifications I wanted but had a hard time explaining it. Many salons play it by the book and limit themselves to replicating the pegs you present, so I was worried they wouldn’t take my personal specifications into consideration.

Fortunately, the moment I walked into their second floor studio; the calm, cool, and focused creative energy that filled the room instantly calmed my nerves. The place is cozy with sprawling windows, and I couldn’t help but appreciate all of the light spilling in to eased me into what was coming.

It’s good to know that creating this easygoing yet artistically fueled energy is truly a priority for their overall image because the same kind of fun interiors can also be found in their other branches. Their newly opened store at Ayala Malls Manila Bay shares the same visually pleasing aesthetic.

(I’m sure their upcoming branch in Southwoods Mall Laguna will, too!)

Upon arrival, I was immediately accommodated by the friendly staff and introduced to Sir Ricky, the branch’s senior hair stylist. He sat me in my booth of choice and we instantly got to work. I showed him a picture of the hair I wanted— an ash blonde balayage— and explained that I wanted it to lean more towards the brunette side, leave some of my black hair bits in, and leave my roots untouched.

I showed him a couple more pegs, and he nodded with a kind of reassurance that told me he knew exactly what to do. Right before jumping into it, Sir Ricky made sure to explain to me what the process would be like. Since I still had some blonde tips from my previous dye, he said that we would have to re-bleach my hair in different intervals so as not to overbleach the blonde bits.

So, we began.

Step 1: Preparation. We started by washing my hair and blowdrying it for a fresh base. Nothing too outstanding, just some regular ol’ cleaning.

Step 2: Sectioning and Application of Bleach. I was happy to see that they honored my request of not letting the bleach touch my roots!

Step 3: Wait for the bleach to set. I’ll be honest: this took a looooong time. As mentioned earlier, my bleaching process was twice as long because they bleached the natural hair and residue blonde tips separately. We started at around 3PM and ended somewhere around 7PM.

Step 4: Rinse out the bleach. At this point, my hair just sported a bright yellow shade pre-toning.

Step 5: Toning. Now for the magic. Sir Ricky personally applied the color mix, so I was confident it would turn out just like he had envisioned it. He explained he would be using a combination of their 2019 launched caramel blonde and ash blonde, as well as iridescent blonde.

Step 6: Setting. We let the toning set for 15 more minutes. At this point, I was itching to see the results!

Step 7: Finishing touches. They washed out the excess, blowdried my hair for the last time, and added some soft waves. It was time for the moment of truth!

The finale…

I was floored by the finished product– my new do was stunning and exactly how I pictured it!

Azta Urban Salon did an amazing job at bringing my rather complex vision to life, and I’m so thankful for the collaborative effort of all of their hairstylists. Their whole team is filled with intelligent and creative artists, and it was an honor to be their canvas for a day. They capture the true essence of hairstyling, which is making a statement with your do, and I’m loving the badass expression mine’s saying. It’s always important to work with stylists who understand that hair speaks volumes, and Azta Urban Salon’s slogan “because personality isn’t the first thing people see” captivates that idea in all its witty glory.

If you’re looking to get a new hairdo, select branches of Azta Urban Salon have now resumed operations are are now ready to take appointments. This includes their Antipolo and Bacolod branches, as well as their Alabang Town Center, Eastwood, Circuit, and Feliz branches. In compliance with DTI guidelines, they will only be accepting haircuts in the meantime, but this is a great opportunity to familiarize yourself with their work before proceeding with hair dyeing services.

Azta Urban Salon Eastwood


2/FB Eastwood Citywalk 2 Eastwood, Bagumbayan


Instagram: @aztaurbansalon

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