AWWW: This couple walking together in togas are relationship goals!

Being able to achieve great things with your significant other is considered to be one of the sweetest and biggest milestones worth remembering (and  documenting, for the case of this couple!).

AB Philippine Studies Major in Filipino in Mass Media graduates Kevin Kho and Danah Pascual from De La Salle University decided to capture their milestone as students and as a couple in front of the school’s facade donning their togas.

Kho and Pascual were classmates in their major classes.

“We actually started talking because we were assigned as presentation partners in one of our majors,” Pascual shares to WHEN IN MANILA.  “Nung una kasi medyo awkward, since kaka-start palang ng majors, so we would usually just talk about how we’re presenting. Until somehow I found out that he was fun talk to, so we became friends na rin. I was happy when I found out that he was a photographer, because I’ve always wanted someone to share my passion with.”

“I was the one who really liked her before she even knew about it. Hahahaha,” Kho said. ” It was a happy moment in my life when we got close and we had so much in common and also things uncommon that could spice up a conversation.”

Kho recalled that Pascual “didn’t really like him at the beginning” and was actually “friend zoned even before he tried courting“.

But with perseverance and showing her who I really am with no lies things got better. Biggest win-win was we were both photographers and I had worked for a year in a photo studio before I finished my studies so we shared a lot of things,” Kho happily tells WHEN IN MANILA.

Pascual regards their far hometowns as a catch, yet something inspiring – since Kho is from Quezon City and she is from Biñan, Laguna.

“North-South relationships are possible,” Pascual laughs. “All I can say is, our relationship is full of creativity and adventure.

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset. Photo by Danah Pascual

Photo by Kevin Kho

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Photo by Kevin Kho

Their many similarities include their love for photography.

“As photographers, we would always think of how we’ll make our photos creative. I guess we’re the type of couple that wants to put a story in our photos. Kevin and I actually graduated from the same course. Grumaduate siya (Kho) October 2017, ‘tas ako nitong Feb lang. He’s two batches higher than me, tapos pareho rin kaming shiftee from a different course kaya nauna lang siya ng isang term grumaduate,” Pascual says.

“Nakakatuwa kasi feeling ko, the main reason why the photos went viral (besides nacucute-an sila) is that they think the (time) gap between the photos is a long one. But actually, four months lang naman.”

As of writing, the tweet has received over 23,000 retweets, 107,000 likes and 236 comments.

“I posted those kasi during our thesis days, we would feel a little sad that we aren’t graduating together. But of course, bakit ko naman siya ipapag-extend para lang magsabay kami.”

Kho expresses that couples are also individuals who also have goals for themselves.

“We’re just all about letting each other grow together and individually. Nakaka-touch na ang daming na-inspire sa photos, most of them tagged their partners. But some people would also make stories about the photos. Sabi, nag-exchange lang daw kami ng toga for the photo, not even checking that our shoes and clothes are completely different. Meron ding isa, we should be thankful for our parents first daw before our partners – like we aren’t thankful for them enough, haha!”

Kho and Pascual have been together for over a year already.

“All I can say is to always support your partner and never dictate what he has to do. Self-love and individual growth for each other is what keeps the relationship stronger,” Pascual advises. “Love will come to you when it’s ready. Not necessarily when you are.”

She admits that she wasn’t ready for a relationship when Kho confessed; that she immediately “friend zoned” him. “Minsan masiyadong matagal, minsan hindi inaasahan pero darating din. Never settle for less.”

“Whatever happens, the main goal for yourself and each other is to never hinder individual growth. You should compliment each other and support each other. Be the best critic and the best fan. You’ll get very far from that,” Kho adds. “Don’t let your grounds be your similarities alone because at some point your differences will balance everything. Never rush, makikita mo rin yan. Hindi naman napapagod ang tadhana, hahaha!”

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The two also share inspiring advice for photography enthusiasts.

“It’s important to know what line of photography you’re into, may it be fashion, photojournalism, wedding, food, events etc. You don’t need expensive gear to start your passion. Just always put your heart in it, the photos will show you did.”

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