AWW: This professor gave his students chocolates during exam

Examinations can be draggy and dreadful. Luckily, this professor understands simple struggles like these for his students!

University student Martin Awid was charmed by his Literature professor’s warm gesture when he presented chocolates to his class for them to take and eat during long tests.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Awid for further details.

“I just found it to be super sweet and cute – just like the chocolates,” Awid laughs. “For a professor to do this knowing that it was our midterms week? Of course, to an extent, professors care about their students but most of the time we don’t usually feel this with all the school work and stress.”

It was a surprise yet “refreshing” for Awid and his classmates when his Literature professor, Dr. Ruiz, gave out chocolates during their midterm test.

“To [be able to] feel the level of care that a prof can have for his students is refreshing. He did mention though at the start of the semester that teaching for him was like being a grandfather to all of his students.” 

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