AWW: This man and a photo of his wife will teach you a lesson about love!

When you live life day by day, sometimes you tend to overlook the situations happening around you. For photographer Michael Perfecto, he was able to chance upon this old man one afternoon – with an image of an elderly woman on top of one of the chairs at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish Church.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Perfecto for further details.

Honestly, everything about this picture was a coincidence. I took it in a church my family does not even go to. I didn’t have a camera. I just saw it. The moment I did though, I knew I had to photograph it. I borrowed my mom’s iPhone and positioned myself to take the photo.

The moment I took it, I got chills. I’ve never witnessed anything like it. It was the type of love you see in movies, or on random posts on the internet. But here it was… Right in front of me. Love. I was a witness to love that strong.

(Editor’s Note: the same photographer captured the other side of Valentine’s Day)

It made me reconsider about how I viewed love. The generation I’m used to acts as if love is an impossibility. It can only be experienced by the lucky few. Although I don’t know the story of the husband and wife, I am pretty sure it was a love fought hard for. The pictures tell stories that fill the imagination with endless stories of love and sacrifice. No matter the story, it all concludes with a husband with a picture of his wife sending a message of unconditional love to all who see. I was just lucky to see them in the right moment and time, lucky enough to share such love through the photos I took.

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