Away From the City and Through the River of Mekong Delta

Vietnam, I think, is very underrated. I remember a conversation with a Filipino friend who migrated there a little over a year ago. She was going on an on about the places to see and the things you can do there. Fast forward a few months, I caught myself in awe of the beauty of Vietnam. I spent most of my time in Ho Chi Minh City, trying to immerse myself in the culture and the fast-paced lifestyle of the locals.

For a day, we went to My Tho, Ben Tre and Mekong Delta – one of the famous tourist destinations of HCM.

The tour lasted for nine hours and the pickup location was at the tourist office in Ho Chi Minh’s District 1. From there, you will journey to the quiet town of My Tho, the home of a vibrant floating market.

You will then cruise through the rivers of Mekong Delta where you can surround yourself in the peace and quiet of nature.

At the different stops, you will be entertained by traditional Vietnamese music and food that will surely satisfy your hunger.

There is also a bee farm where you can taste fresh honey. They also have different honey products depending on your needs. They have honey for your tea and even royal jelly that is perfect for your skin.

The tour also showcases how traditional Vietnamese dishes are prepared.

The highlight of the tour is actually being able to see how the famous Vietnamese coconut candies are made.

You can see the candies from the actual coconuts to the packages for selling. You can also sneak in a free taste during the tour.

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