Award-winning Chinese Restaurant ‘Lung Hin’ Serves Up A Mouth-Watering 8-Course Set Menu

Words by Bernice Danielle Castillo

Photos by Bernice Danielle Castillo and from Lung Hin

We Filipinos usually evaluate restaurants with three main criteria. First, we consider the appearance of the restaurant–how instagrammable it is–we like a good bragging moment. Second, we check the price. It’s intimately related with the third criterion–taste. The price has to be worth the flavors served on the table. Furthermore, the portions served have to be enough to make you full. The latter, to some people, is far more important. Restaurants, aside from being nice and affordable, have to offer food that will sate your hunger.

It is incredibly hard to find a fine dining restaurant that hits all the boxes. But, lucky for you, we found one and we’re willing to share. Lung Hin is a restaurant serving contemporary Cantonese cuisine located on the 44th floor of the luxurious Marco Polo hotel in Ortigas. With the talents of Chef Billy Cheong in employ, Lung Hin promises incredibly tasty authentic Chinese cuisine to its customers. In 2016, it was even awarded as one of the best Chinese restaurants outside of China.

Recently, Lung Hin launched a new set menu featuring eight courses, one of those courses being the Hong Kong fine dining must-have that is the premium golden goose. We were given a chance to try them out and here’s what we think.

1.Steamed Vegetarian Pork Dumplings and Steamed Pork Sio Mai With Truffle Sauce

The first dish from the set menu was the steamed vegetarian pork dumplings and the steamed sio mai with truffle sauce.

First, let’s talk about the Steamed Sio Mai. It was absolutely juicy, oozing savoriness with each bite! The pork and shrimp inside were compact and yet tender at the same time, their flavors complimenting each other perfectly. The wrapper was also soft and tasty, not breaking apart upon first handling like a lot of dumplings often do.

As for the vegetarian dumplings, they were also a joy to eat! Inside, you’ll find a sweet and very umami taste accompanied by the crunchiness of small strips of vegetables inside. Both were wonderfully scrumptious in their own way.

2.Braised Seafood with Peach Gel Soup

After the bursting explosion on the palate done by the dumplings, the braised seafood with peach gel soup offers a different surprise. The small bits of shrimp, fish, and peach gel gives you something to savor while the flavorful, warm, viscous soup slides down your throat.

3.Hong Kong Roasted Goose

The Hong Kong Roasted Goose is definitely the star of the set menu. With perfectly crispy skin that breaks in your mouth with a delicious crunch, tender goose meat swimming in the mouthwatering sauce–Lung Hin’s golden goose is simply to die for. The dark and white meat taste completely different and thus, bless your taste buds with two unique experiences. To make the most of this dish, start from the bottom of the dish as this is where the meat has soaked up much of the sauce!

4.Steamed Garoupa with Shredded Pork and Dried Mandarin Orange Peel in Black Bean Sauce

We all love a good seafood moment in our tables and the steamed garoupa offers exactly that! The meat is so soft and tender that it melts in your tongue. The black bean sauce also does not overpower the natural flavor of the fish. Instead, along with the marinated pork shreds, it managed to bring out a wonderful contrast of flavors in the dish that complimented the ‘clean’ taste of the garoupa.

5.Pan-fried Crab with Pork Belly in Supreme Soy Sauce

The pan-fried crab is another hit as well! Sweet, a little bit salty, and a whole lot of umami–the supreme soy sauce along with the pork belly fat that fully bathes the meat and the crab will truly leave you hungry for more. The flavorful, plump pieces of pork belly go amazingly well with the soft white meat inside the crab claws. If you’re worried about making a mess of yourself with the claws, they provide crab crackers with the dish.

6.Wok-Fried Diced Chicken with Mixed Vegetables Homemade Style

Any good set menu has to have vegetables, right? Well, Lung Hin serves you one smoking hot. It’s not overly seasoned so you get to enjoy the actual taste of the vegetables themselves. It’s quite obvious that they only use the best ingredients in every dish that they make since every single piece of veggie I ate here was a star in its own right. The diced chicken was phenomenal as well–sweet, savory, and juicy.

7.Fried Rice with Diced Shrimps, Wild Rice, Sweet Corn, and Diced Mushroom

No Filipino meal is complete without rice for the rice tones down the flavor of the viands. Here, the rice is a complete meal in itself! The shrimps are plump and juicy. The sweet corn and mushroom add a hint of sweetness, a bit of tang, and a whole lot of texture in the fried rice. However, what sets this dish from other fried rice dishes that I’ve tried in the past is the incorporation of the wild rice! It gives a surprising crispiness to the rice that improves the overall dining experience.

8.Chilled Mango and Coconuts Jelly

If you’re familiar with maja blanca, this dish is the fine dining version of it. This dessert is just the perfect amount of sweetness and a hint of tang from the encapsulated mango bits. While it may also look delicate, it doesn’t fall apart when you slice into it. However, it feels like heaven in your mouth when you take a bite–perfectly soft and not at all as gelatinous as it looks like. All in all, the chilled mango and coconuts jelly is a magnificent end to the eight-course feast.

With a price that starts at only P12,500, the set menu feeds a minimum of five people. This is very reasonable considering that the set menu contains eight courses. If I were to go back to the criteria Filipinos use for evaluating restaurants, we can see that Lung Hin is definitely a winner–amazing location (5-star hotel, hello?), reasonable prices, amazing flavors, and generous portions.

What are you waiting for? Head to Lung Hin now for some incredible Chinese cuisine!

Lung Hin

44th Floor Marco Polo, Meralco Avenue and Sapphire Street,
Ortigas Centre, Pasig City

Lunch – 11:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M.
Dinner – 6 P.M. 10:30 P.M.

Tel. (+632) 720 7777

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