Authorities penalize tourist for wearing just a ‘string’ in Boracay

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Authorities in Boracay apprehended a Taiwanese tourist and was fined P2,500 for wearing a bikini, which one police official said was “literally” just a string.

Photos of said tourist got viral on social media.

Boracay police officials requested the presence of the tourist, who appeared to be in her 20s, to the station. This happened after photos of her wearing a string two-piece bikini along the famous white beach of the island circulated on social media.

On Wednesday, she wore a white string bikini and a red one with a similar cut the next day.

The tourist told the authorities that she found nothing wrong with her bikini.

Several residents of Boracay had different reactions to it on social media. However, many, including expatriates, said they found the bikini “indecent.”

The Taiwanese couple is set to leave Boracay on Friday.

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