I have been traveling with my family since 2004 and just recently did I stumble upon the idea of blogging my experiences. Let me share with you my expedition of the year. MY JOURNEY is a 29-day Luzon-Visayas- trip to get to know the Philippine archipelago more and explore its equally majestic but lesser known sites. During the expedition,I will be forming a network of Tourism officials, talking to key travel contacts, and getting insider tips from home-grown travel enthusiasts and locals. I will be digging TENS: 10 To Dos, 10 Must-Sees, 10 Must-Eats, etc. and posting them on my blog. Transpo will be mainly by ground (bus, motorcycle, tri-sikad/ padyak, ferry) except North to Central and Central to Southern Philippine trips which can be more practically reached by plane. There will be lots of hiking and hitching and I’m all up for it. The odyssey will start on 2 October 2011. MY MISSION is to bring back Philippines to the international travellers’ bucket list and to educate my fellow Filipinos of the beauty and unexplored treasures in 7,107 islands. Not much has been publicized about the archipelago and through my blog, eventually a book, I can help boost the tourism industry of the Motherland. MY GOAL is to encourage both my international and local friends, readers of my blog and the new generation of Filipinos to hop on as many islands in the Philippines in their lifetime. I will be writing updates every day and posting TENS throughout my quest. Such information will be available online for FREE. Please add me on twitter, facebook and google+ , just type herdailydigest. Join me in October, meanwhile, enjoy my updates from Vietnam.