Audrey Hepburn’s Personal Collection Was Auctioned Off For $6 Million

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the closet of one of old Hollywood’s most beautiful women, here’s your chance: an auction of Audrey Hepburn’s personal items has just made more than $6 million!

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Special items from the screen icon’s personal collection that were auctioned include a script of her most popular film to date, 1961’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” according to auction house Christie’s.

After a 10-hour sale in London, the entire collection sold for about $6.21 million or 5.29 million euros, Christie’s further said.

Other items included dresses and coats, accessories including sunglasses, gloves and earrings as well as letters, photographs and paintings, which amounted to 246 lots total.

“She is one of the greatest icons in the history of film and the incredible result so far, for part one of the collection, is a testament to her enduring appeal.”

Bidding remains open online until October 4 for part two of the sale.

Hepburn, best known for her movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Roman Holiday and My Fair Lady, was also a style icon. She passed away in 1993 at 63 years old.

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