Aubrey Miles Warns Plantitas and Titos of Buying Stolen Plants: ‘Balang araw mabubuking din’

With all of us instantly becoming homebodies during the pandemic, many Filipinos have pursued a number of hobbies to fill their time with—one of which is collecting and caring for indoor plants. Sadly, there are certain people who are taking advantage of this growing trend that certified “Plant Tita” Aubrey Miles couldn’t stay silent on any longer.

The TV host and actress has issued a warning against certain people who have made a business out of selling stolen plants as well as those who knowingly purchase stolen plants to decorate their homes with.


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“Let’s talk about the people STEALING PLANTS and people who’ll BUY STOLEN PLANTS,” she began on her Instagram post. “This only applies to the buyers who are aware that they’re buying stolen goods. Buying stolen plants doesn’t make one a better collector, just because you have this and that species. Remember if you buy a known and rare kind, you can’t share it, can’t post it, can’t talk about it and straight up it’s a stolen plant.”

“Oh well, if you don’t care about all this, good for you. You can have the stolen plant alone in your house while drinking coffee. Enjoy it alone and all by yourself,” she continued. “Just letting you know sometimes posting our plant collection has a purpose. How? When we post we don’t know who we’re inspiring. We post and share, maybe someone wants to see beautiful things and also minsan happy na sila na binubusog mo mga mata nila. Libre naman ang mag share. (sometimes people are already happy with what they see. It’s free to share.)”

She then said that these buyers run the risk of being exposed as one of the clients of these sellers of stolen plants.

“The plant community will never be the same with you once they find out that you’re part of this embarassing collection, Kahit hindi naman lahat ng plants mo stolen pero wala na naka label na sayo (even if not all of your plants are stolen, you will always have that label attached to you),” she lamented. “Panandalian kaligayan na nakamura ka pero balang araw mabubuking din. Never mind kung mura ang halaga ng plant kung nakaw naman. (It’s all just temporary bliss but one day you will be exposed. It doesn’t matter if the plant is cheap if it’s stolen anyway.)”

“To all Legit collectors, Salute! Keep planting,” she ended on her post.


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