Attention, Potterheads: You Can Now Get Harry Potter-Inspired Magic Face Masks!

The MASQ Collection has just released a Harry Potter Collection — they have a Maruader’s Map variant, a Golden Snitch one, and all 4 Hogwarts Houses!

But that is the least of the good news! Made from magic, these masks REVEAL wizard information when you breathe! You will no longer find yourself needing a Veritaserum!

From black to fading parchment paper, the Marauder’s Map reveals, well, the map.

Photo by The MASQ Collection

The Golden Snitch variant reveals the words, “I open at the close.” Except unlike Harry pressing his lips against the snitch, all you have to do is breathe. Will the mask magically open and reveal the resurrection stone? Well, you’re gonna have to find out yourself!

Photo from The MASQ Collection

And last but definitely our favorite variant, the Hogwarts houses reveal which house you’ll be sorted into when you exhale! Best part is, you won’t know which house you’ll get, but it works just like the Sorting Hat — you’re gonna have to trust its judgment!

Photo from The MASQ Collection

The MASQ Collection also never compromises style for function and safety, which is why they made sure to prioritize safety above everything. The Harry Potter designs are just a bonus.

These are the features of the masks:
1. Tri-Layer Construction
2. Adjustable Nose Bridge & Chin Cup
3. Adjustable Soft-Flex Straps
4. Includes 10 PureMasq® Filters with every purchase (Good for 50 days)
5. Reusable MASQ Pouch
6. Prevents “MASKNE”
7. Super breathable and allows wearer to talk easily

Aside from their villains and wizard collection, they also sell basic and limited edition designs!

Photo from The MASQ Collection

The MASQ Collection’s mission is one of resilience and hope; to thrive in whatever the circumstance. According to them, 2020 has been heartbreaking and the world needs heroes now more than ever. But the problem is.. life has been sucked out of our difference makers! Which is why they decided to start The Masq Collection as a means to bring LIFE back to life.

Life happens.. but more importantly, life’s what we make it too. “We made specifically for the purposes of moving forward,” says Myka

And given their mission of resilience and societal contribution, they have committed to donating a part of their profit to people who have been laid off as an effect of the ongoing crisis.

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