Attention all cheese lovers! This lasagna will blow your mind!

Love cheese? Me, too. There’s just something about it that makes me crave it more and more every day, even after I’ve had a taste. I love it on everything–especially lasagna.

Lucky for all of us cheese lovers, Bosun’s Best Lasagna has us covered! Delicious sheets of pasta with sauce, all covered in a blanket of cheese. So delicious and so addictive, you’ll definitely have more than just one serving. (I personally had 3–not like it’s a competition buuut… *eyes emoji*).

So good

There’s just something about the comfort of lasagna that draws people in. It’s easy, it’s cheesy, and it’s so warm in your stomach you’ll want to shovel more into your mouth. Bosun’s has that perfect blend of the savory meat and the creamy, melted cheese that’ll make you mmm in delight. It’s perfectly seasoned and baked to perfection. The perfect comfort meal. The perfect meal period.

It’s no-fuss goodness. There’s nothing pretentious about the food, it’s just good. All it has is a light garnish, but nothing too fancy, because the lasagna speaks for itself–and it speaks volumes. It also leaves us scratching our heads at how this beauty was concocted. Each pass of the fork will leave you wanting more, more, more, breaking the surface of the melted cheese to dig up another layer of perfectly-cooked pasta. No wonder lasagna is so popular–it’s just got so much going for it. Especially this one.

It brought me to a warm, toasty place of cheesy heaven. There’s nothing like some warm cheese for a hungry stomach. And don’t worry, every bite satisfies, without a sliver of a doubt.

What I loved most, aside from the flavor, was how easy it was to order. I just sent them a message and they confirmed pretty much immediately, no complications. It came in a sturdy tin that was delivered without a hiccup and boxed beautifully in their own patterned boxes with their calling card–in case it leaves you wanting more (and trust me, you will! Flip those phones out and order one now!).

There’s a reason why it’s called Bosun’s Best. It’s probably one of the tastiest, most savory lasagnas I’ve had. And it was all simple, nothing overly-complicated about the food at all. They understand that people just want a nice, hot meal to enjoy. And they don’t pressure themselves to outdo something they’re already excellent at. So cheers to Bosun’s for bringing us a cheesy heaven in a pan. It’s no small feat at all!

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