Attention all Assumptionistas: This Store Customizes Necklaces in the Assumption Script and More!

Words and Photos by Gabi Fresnido

Nowadays, there are lots of brands that offer customized products that offer a more personal, sentimental touch. In fact, almost every product can be customized in today’s times: cakes, mugs, pens, shirts, bags, jewelry, etc.

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For Assumptionistas, What’s Your Sign, an IG shop, may tickle your fancy as it provides personalized name necklaces which have the Assumption script as the font. This is particularly interesting for me because it reminds me of the countless hours I practiced writing in script for our penmanship classes. With this, it’s as if I can take a little bit of my previous school with me anywhere and remind me to embody the values my school has instilled in me.

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For those who aren’t interested in this particular design, What’s Your Sign has more products in store for you! They also offer 2 kinds of zodiac sign necklaces. This one’s for you, horoscope enthusiasts!

So you can wear your sign to represent your personality.

The Symbols collection: (Sagittarius and Aries)

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The Representations collection: (Cancer and Aries)

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All their necklaces are made of high-quality stainless steel and it won’t tarnish easily.

Interested in the products? Check out their store:

What’s Your Sign

IG: @_whatsyoursign