What Attending ‘Road to Ultra 2017’ Was Like as a Tita

‘Road to Ultra’ isn’t a new thing for the Philippines. In fact, this is the third time it has made its way to the country. If you have never heard of ‘Ultra’ before, then you seriously need to get out of your cave because ULTRA Worldwide is practically the world’s most international festival brand.

Road to Ultra iPhone 3

As much as I enjoyed ‘Ultra’ the first time I went, I skipped their second visit because I just felt so… well, old. A year or two in age might not sound like a big difference, but you’ll understand what I mean if you are in your 30s now, too. There was just no way I was going to survive the long hours that come with a music festival… but when they announced this year’s all-star lineup, I simply couldn’t resist.

I had been to every single show that Zedd has had here in Manila and I was there when Hardwell performed here in 2014, as well. If even just for the sake of the obsession of my a-bit-younger self, I knew I just HAD to go.

A few days before the festival, which was originally set to be held at the SM MOA Concert Grounds; it was announced that the festival would be moved indoors to SM MOA Arena due to consistently bad weather during the week. While this was obviously a good idea for safety and health reasons, I was a bit bummed out. I always thought the SM MOA Concert Grounds was the perfect place for a music festival like ‘Ultra’. In fact, it rained the last time I went to ‘Ultra’ at the Concert Grounds and, if anything, it just made the experience all the more fun and memorable.

While I went to MOA Arena with a heavy heart, though, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that the ambiance and the vibes were still the same despite the festival being indoors.

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The place was PACKED with people enjoying the music, the drinks and their company. I couldn’t help but notice how many different nationalities were all together under one roof that night. Rezz and Sam Feldt started things off really well. Even though I was still feeling very Tita by then, tired from lining up and wishing I had worn something more revealing instead of something more suitable for my age (lol), I have to agree with everyone who told me Rezz would blow my mind. She was amazing!

Road to Ultra 71

Sam Feldt, on the other hand, got me on such a high that I ended up listening to his tracks all weekend while I was in Bulacan. By this time, I already had a few beers in me, but still felt pretty Tita. I was already counting down the hours and wondering what time I’d end up going home after the festival. Can’t help it – it comes with age. Huhu.

Road to Ultra 2

It’s hard not to have fun when the DJ is having this much fun!Road to Ultra 6

Did you know that both Getter and REZZ, two of the fastest-rising stars in dance music, actually made their debuts in the Philippines at Road to Ultra 2017?

Road to Ultra 9

Now, as mentioned earlier, the peak of my EDM days was during Zedd’s ‘Stay the Night’ days. So, obviously, the minute Zedd took the stage, my heart skipped a beat. And then, the second the first note dropped, I found my Tita self completely melting away. To my Tita-filled body’s surprise, I found myself completely invigorated and energetic the entire time that Zedd was on stage. In fact, I didn’t feel like I was 30 at all.

I found myself jumping up and down and screaming at the top of my lungs more often than not, surprised by how much I still knew and still utterly loved every single one of his songs. Yes, Zedd definitely did not disappoint. As if it were magic, I felt transported back to a younger version of myself if only just for the night.

Road to Ultra 12

Hardwell, of course, did not let us down, either; though by that time, I have to admit the fatigue from the Zedd hype had gotten to my bones. We moved to the seats higher up at MOA Arena during his set and decided to end the show watching Hardwell from above. Not that that made much of a difference since the crowd in the seated areas was just as alive and hyped up as the crowd in the standing area.

Road to Ultra 16

Once again, Road to ULTRA Philippines was a blast and we can’t wait to see what the festival has in store for us again next year! Will you be there? 🙂 You’d better not miss it!