Ateneo Lex Presents: Rush


In a time where bass drops and hypnotic rhythms have become the common scene, where do you go? Ateneo Lex, the makers of Fiasco, return with Rush—a new kind of experience, a promise of a thrilling night—as it moves underground to the exhilarating domain of hip-hop and rap.

Rush welcomes you to a night of letting go and getting lost in the music and the crowd. Get ready to meet the untamed. Release your inhibitions and feel alive. Let the adrenaline take over and seize the night. Are you ready to feel the RUSH?

Co-presented by Great Taste Coffee, Nips Chocobar.

Drinks by Breezer. In partnership with, Nissan and Baic. Media partners are and

Happening on January 27, 2017 at the The Blue Leaf Cosmopolitan, Libis. Beats by Arthur Tan, Issa Ramos, and MC Ace and Noel Bugia. Performances by the Company of Ateneo Dancers.