Ateneo Art Awards 2011: Anatomy of Autonomy at the Shangri-la -Plaza

When in Manila, drop by Shangri-La Plaza to taste a bit of Filipino Art and Culture seasoned in a colorful and insightful way.  Ateneo Art Awards 2011 presents “Anatomy of Autonomy” an exhibit that features outstanding artworks of not just one, but twelve, young Filipino visual artists that are on their way to shape the history of art in the Philippines.


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It was out of curiosity sheer pleasure that led me to the made-up art gallery of Ateneo Art Awards in Shangri-La Plaza.  Since I’ve always loved good play of art, colors and textures, it was a great feast to the eyes.

Let me take you through a short e-tour:

Sam Kiyoumarsi could be the next Andy Warhol with his unique way of rendering the traditional method of portraiture.  By adding photos in layers and re-photographing them in a collage, Sam Kiyoumarsi takes photography to a new level.


IMG 5804

Photography has now surpassed its original purpose of documentation.  This time, Frank Callaghan creates a series of skyline photographs that reflects the dreamy look.  This could just be how an artist like Frank Callaghan sees the world.


IMG 5798

Bembol dela Cruz has found beauty in the simple things in life, and has transfered it to his canvas.

IMG 5756

IMG 5757

 Tatong Recheta Torres has created his own art gallery in the virtual world community.  New artists can opt to follow Tatong Recheta Torres’ footsteps by creating designs for the big world of video games.


IMG 57641

Through the camera lens of MM Yu, you can see an elegant image of the most inelegant things.  She also has captured consumerism of Filipinos at its finest.

IMG 5795


Maria Zoletha could perhaps have the quirkiest style among the participants of the Ateneo Art Awards 2011.  She mixes the random and the personal through a jokingly, yet smart, manner.

IMG 57511

Kawayan De Guia hints at politics with his head-turning artworks.  He uses wooden boxes with “Bomba” scripted on them and disco balls.

The  disco balls are chosen  to give the feel of the 70’s.

IMG 57451

Who wouldn’t be surprised to find a framed picture of a crumpled paper?  It is interesting that an artist like Nona Garcia could shed a new light to this piece of garbage.  Nona Garcia has excellently painted a logical order of shadows in one of the most mundane things in the world.


IMG 5802

Ondoy much?  This paper tole is another work of Nona Garcia that shows floating industrial debris in a flooded place.

IMG 5801


Rodel Tapaya has mastered the art of blending the real with the surreal.  He layers his artwork, usually showing mundane tasks, with enigmatic characters.  Below is his painting titled, “Baptismal.”


IMG 5785

Artist-diver Olivia D’Aboville, driven by her passions in art and water, has sculpted underwater creatures out of the oddest mediums.  She has used plastics spoons, cocktail stirrers to create wonderful jellyfishes and sponges that color the underworld.

IMG 5774

Ramon Barja Jr. has kept his personal experiences, observation and journey in Cavite inside his suitcase. And now he has opened it up for fortunate souls like you and me.


IMG 57391

These eerie Nightmare-Before-Christmas-looking sculptures were in fact the Rugby Boys that Ramon Barja had seen during his stay in Cavite.


IMG 57431

Your e-tour has ended.  If you would like to see the Ateneo Art Awards 2011 exhibit for yourself, drop by Shangri-la Plaza When in Manila!




Grand Atrium Shangri-la Plaza Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila

August 5 to 15, 2011

Watch out for the ATENEO ART AWARDS NIGHT at the Grand Atrium on August 11, 2011.  They will be picking out the top three. What’s your Top 3?

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 Ateneo Art Awards 2011: Anatomy of Autonomy at the Shangri-la -Plaza