ATC Strike Patch: Cute Stickers That Will Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Children

Mosquitoes, mosquitoes, mosquitoes… Everywhere nalang, may mosquitoes. 🙁 Sadly, this is a huge problem – especially with the Zika virus now having reached our shores.

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While there are different types of mosquito repellents out there that can easily be slathered on when you’re an adult, the same cannot really be said for children. After all, the smell of repellents in itself is enough to make children cringe or complain (or maybe my daughter is just really maarte).

As such, I am very happy to have discovered the ATC Strike Patch.


In a nutshell, ATC Strike Patch is a stick-on mosquito repellent patch that simply looks like a sticker… BUT it has cute designs that children will love. So, even if they smell like mosquito repellent (not the bad kind, though; it has a sort of citrus-y lemon-y scent), my daughter isn’t too bothered by it because it looks cute. In fact, she makes it a point to show it off to her friends when she’s wearing one. 🙂


The best part is that the ATC Strike Patch is made of 100% pure and natural essential oils, so you can be sure it’s safe for your kids to use. It is also 100% DEET-free and the effects last for 48 hours! Just stick the patch onto your kids’ clothes and they’ll be properly protected from the disease-carrying, irritating and infectious mosquitoes! No more hassle, either – just stick it on the child’s clothing and all is well!


If in case you need some stronger mosquito repellent for your own personal use, there are also other Strike variants out there that you can check out, like the Strike Coil Mosquito Repellent, which smells just as good; the Strike Liquid Mosquito Electric Repellent, which provides 40-day protection over a 20m area; the Strike Mat, which lasts for 8 hours over a 12ft area; and the Strike Multi-Insect Killer Spray, which can eliminate insects in an eco-friendly manner that won’t harm your family, house or pets. They’re all super affordable, too.

The ATC Strike Patch, for example, only costs Php76 for 2 stickers or Php380 for a box of 8 stickers. Get some for your kids today! 🙂 Conversely, you can join ATC Strike’s Facebook promo and try to win some instead! Who knows? It might be your lucky day!

ATC Strike Patch

Available in all SM Supermarkets and other leading supermarkets nationwide.