ASUS Celebrates the Zen Festival in Manila

After celebrating the Zen Festival in different Asian countries, ASUS is now celebrating in Manila as they announce the new ZenFone models with the awaited prices and availability. A fashion show was prepared to showcase the different ZenFone models that highlight aesthetics and the beautiful design that can match any style and personality.

ASUS celebrates the Zen Festival in Manila

ASUS celebrates the Zen Festival in Manila

ASUS CEO Jerry Shen led the event by presenting the much awaited 2nd series which includes the ZenFone Selfie, ZenFone Laser, and ZenFone Deluxe. Each phone boasts of premium performance packed into an amazing design. All units are ultra-thin, but packaged with a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 which has twice the drop-damage resistance. It has 2.5x more strength, too, so you wouldn’t have to worry about dropping your phone. The phones feature a 64-bit quadcore processor, 4GB Ram, and BoostMaster for fast charging.

ASUS celebrates the Zen Festival in Manila

If you like taking photos of your food or the places you go to (or even selfies) then the ZenFone is perfect for you. ZenFones are packed with a 13MP PixelMaster camera with laser auto-focus for near-instant shots. There are a ton of modes you can customize depending on the photo and scene you are taking. The camera on these new ASUS ZenFones now also showcases impressive low-light performance.

ASUS celebrates the Zen Festival in Manila

Filipinos love taking selfiesMakati was even named the selfie capital of the worlda true testament that the ASUS ZenFone Selfie is the answer to our selfie-loving fellows. The ZenFone Selfie has its twin 13MP PixelMaster camera that has dual-LED real tone flash for both front and rear cameras.

ASUS celebrates the Zen Festival in Manila

Take your photography and selfie game up a notch with a phone that will give you a DSLR-like experience. The phones have manual modes where you can actually adjust aperture, ISO, resolution, and shutter speed, among others. The PixelMaster will help you with your macro shots where you can focus on objects as near as 6cm. The ZenIU camera also has customization modes like Super Resolution, HDR, Low Light, Night, Depth of Field, GIF Animation, Time Rewind, and Smart Remove.

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With prices ranging from Php 7,000-Php 18,000, you can surely find the perfect match for you.


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