Astronaut Tweets “Unbelievable” Images of Typhoon “Chedeng” from Space

It may feel like we’re in the middle of summer in the Philippines, but according to PAGASA, a strong typhoon is on its way to make landfall in the country.

Typhoon Maysak (or Chedeng, locally) was initially considered as a super typhoon, but as it moved towards the country, it slightly loses power and is downgraded from said category. Still, weather experts and authorities remind the people that this is not a reason to let our guard down, but still prepare for the worst.

In line with this, an astronaut from the International Space Station posted images of the said typhoon taken from outer space. Terry Virts took the photos and posted them on Twitter last April 1.

Here are the “unbelievable”, as Virts described them, images of Typhoon Chedeng posted on his Twitter account.

Typhoon Chedeng (3) Typhoon Chedeng (4) Typhoon Chedeng (5) Typhoon Chedeng (1) Typhoon Chedeng (2)

Earlier, Italian astronaut Sam Christoforetti also posted a photo of Typhoon Chedeng as they flew over it from outer space.

Typhoon Chedeng (6)

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