‘ASTIG’ Female Drummer Captures Many Hearts on ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’

One the contestants that performed on last weekend’s ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ is the all-female pop rock band ‘Rouge.’

When the group entered the stage, Robin Padilla, who is one of the show’s judges, appeared mesmerized and started singing ‘Be My Lady.’

During the group’s performance, Padilla was on his feet rocking and rolling. When asked why he was standing up, he jokingly said, “Kasi natatakpan yung drummer.”

Rouge consists of four members – Kara, Princess, Jeri, and Gyan. Among the four, drummer girl Gyan captured the hearts of the show’s judges and possibly, everyone watching the show.

On top of her pretty face, her spectacular drum performance is what many ‘love’ about her.

Watch their performance on ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ below and you be the judge.

Here are some screenshots of Gyan from their performance:

Rouge Gyan (1) Rouge Gyan (2) Rouge Gyan (3)

Rouge started as an acoustic group performing in a bar. Two of the group members were instrumentalists who learned to sing while the other two are vocalists who learned to play guitar and bass separately.

When asked on the show what Rouge means, they said, “yung ibig sabihin din po nung lipstick, make-up, blush-on.. yun po ang nagrerepresent sa amin, girl power po kasi yung advocacy namin.”

The group got four “Yes” from the judges.

Know more about Rouge here and about Rouge’s drummer, Gyan, here.

What do you think of the band Rouge? How about the drummer? “Astig,” right?