Assessing Child Well-Being after a Natural Disaster: A Webinar by AGAPE

AGAPE – Selfless Unconditional Love Inc held their final event this 2020 last December 19, with a webinar titled “Assessing Child Well-Being after a Natural Disaster”, which focused on understanding children’s mental health.

Dr. Ma. Caridad Tarroja, faculty at De La Salle University, tackled the impacts of natural disasters on children. She was followed by Dr. Gia Sison, National Adviser of the Youth for Mental Health Coalition, who shared her expertise on how to support children after a natural disaster. 

AGAPE also launched their new children’s journal entitled “In the Beginning: The Agape’s 4-6 yrs old Starter Kit”. You can own and order here

The event was hosted by Mr. Dominick Nicolas and Miguel Nera. Various local artists such as Fox Music Ph, Dan Bilano, and Banna Harbera Band were also invited to lighten everyone’s spirit.

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