Asia’s Iron Lady Takes a Bow: The Internet Mourns Loss of ‘Best President We Never Had’

Today, we lost one of the most fierce stateswoman, Miriam Defensor Santiago.

At 71, the former senator succumbed to her battle with cancer.

Many dubbed her as the “President we never had.”

In 1992, she ran for president but lost in an election tainted with allegations of dishonesty. At that time, the quote, “Miriam won in the elections, but lost in the counting” became popular in the country.

In 1998, she ran again, but lost again “after heavy black propaganda against her which were eventually proven false.”

Then, in 2016, she ran again amid her battle with cancer, but lost again because many felt she needed rest due to her health condition.

At 8:52 AM today, in her sleep, she took a bow.

And we mourn.

On social media, people expressed their grief. Most of all, people expressed their gratitude to the “president we never had”.

Condolences to her family and close friends.

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